Smart Chemical Additives, Flow Chemistry, Flow Assurance, Mixing Technologies, State-of-the-art in flow measurements

INterdisciplinary knowledge-building

Smart Fluids, Rheology, coatings, Microfluidics, Biomedical, Process control, lubricants, Oil & Gas

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  • 2-Day Conference-Workshop, Exhibits, and Networking Event
  • Attend 1 day or 2 days Option
  • Exhibit Only and Lunch: Open to Outside Attendees (Register)
  • LOCATION: Holiday Inn Houston, Webster, TX
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New Instrumentation, manufacturing, Measurement Devices, Chemical Additives, Oilfield Service Companies, Analytical instruments.

A focus on smart fluids, flow and process chemistry, biomedical, mixing and formulation, manufacturing, oil & gas, flow assurance, anti-fouling, and coatings industries.

The intimate combination of INTERDISCIPLINARY knowledge building, training, and networking...better than big meetings. 

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R&D Chemical Companies, University Professors, Engineers, Process Chemistry Experts, Analytical Scientists, Materials Experts.

  • LEARN ABOUT: Smart Flow and Fluids: learn about new solutions and methods in stimuli-responsive behavior, effective additives, and inhibitors,
  • Smart and Stimuli-Responsive Fluids 
  • Rheology Modifiers, Polymers, Emulsifiers, Nanomaterials, Drilling Fluids, Well stimulation, Chemical Inhibitors
  • Flow Measurements of Fluid Behavior and Control
  • Microfluidics, Biomedical, and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Flow Chemistry and Synthesis: Microreactors and Microfluidics
  • Oil & Gas Flow Assurance and Stimulation Fluids
  • Asset Integrity Management
  • BASICS TUTORIAL: Rheology, Chemical Additives, Sensors, Mixing
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY KNOWLEDGE: Process industries, Chemical Refinery, Lubricants and Flow Modifiers, Biomedical, Oilfield Services, Chemical Industries, and Water Management
  • NETWORK: R&D Scientists and Engineers, University, Technical Managers, Customers, Manufacturers, and Distributors, Instrument Vendors

Scientists and Engineers, Experts and Technical Managers, Customers, Distributors - near resort area in Clear Lake-Houston

Knowledge Building and networking

About The Program

March 29-30, 2018 in HOUSTON, TEXAS 

Smart Flow 2018

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Holiday Inn Houston-Webster, Texas

march 29-30, 2018 - in Houston, Texas

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