Past Exhibitors and Sponsors


Should you decide to reassign or cancel your attendance, here are our policies:

1. Transferring the Slot to another Participant is FREE of charge and changes in the receipt and registration ticket can be made to reflect the name of the new attendee.

2. A Processing Fee of $150 is charged for refund up to 1 week before the conference. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing. However, the $150 can also be applied as a discount for future MACROPRO Conferences. Please keep the refund receipt.

3. NO REFUNDS a week before the conference itself. However the PPT slides (PDF  files) will be given for FREE to the registrant in case they are unable to attend.

4. An option to purchase the complete conference PPT SLIDES in PDF is available for $500 after the conference for non-registered parties.

5. NO REFUND for Exhibit pass only registrations although transfers are allowed.

Please communicate to the MACROPROWORKS Secretariat at for any further questions.