Prof. Shaurya Prakash

Ohio State University


Dr. Joe Lichtenhan

Hybrid Plastics

Dr. Peter Boul

Aramco Services Company

Prof. Zhifeng Ren

University of Houston 

Prof. Reza Foudazi

New Mexico State Univ.

Prof. Ping He

Lamar University 

Prof. Norma Alcantar

University of South Florida

Prof. Vivek Sharma

University of Illinois at Chicago 

Prof. Gordon Christopher

Texas Tech University


Dr. Joey Mangadlao - Baker Hughes GE (demulsifiers)

Dr. Liang Xu - Halliburton (Friction Reducers)

Prof. Jacinta Conrad - University of Houston (microfluidics)

Dr. Peter Boul – Aramco Services Company (stimuli-responsive polymers in the oilfield)
Prof. Shaurya Prakash – Ohio State University (transport and vapor phase phenomena)
Dr. Joe Lichtenhan – Hybrid Plastics (nanomaterials and formulations)
Prof. Norma Alcantar – University of South Florida (microfluidics and high throughput screening)
Prof. Debora Rodrigues – University of Houston (nanotechnology solutions to fouling)
Dr. Mark Pothecary – Malvern Panalytical (microrheology)
John Southwell – Nissan Chemicals (nanotechnology in the oilfield)
Prof. Rigoberto Advincula – Case Western Reserve University (polymer interfaces and coatings)
Alex Reed – Fluence Analytics (polymerization online monitoring)
Prof. Reza Foudazi - New Mexico State University (concentrated emulsions)
(list will be updated soon... for 2019 Speakers)


Prof. Rigoberto Advincula

Case Western Reserve University 

This will be a two-day Conference-Training (Tutorial) meeting and premier networking event that will draw participants from many in the industry: chemical companies, oil & gas companies, academia, manufacturers, process monitoring experts, chemical reaction engineers, formulators, analytical chemists

Certificate of Completion given,

Question and Answer Sessions.

Networking Opportunities - chemical R & D divisions, chemical companies, chemical suppliers, and other instrument companies

EXHIBITION New Instrumentation and Products from selected exhibitors (15 Exhibitor slots only).

Prof. Jacinta Conrad

University of Houston 

Prof. Jim Gilchrist

Lehigh University


Day 1 - Flow Process and Fluids

Introduction to Flow and Process Chemistry
Rheology Basics
Polymers and Rheology
Lubricants and Emulsifiers: From Food, Cosmetics, Hydraulics
Smart Fluids and Complex Fluids
2 D Nanomaterials and Films
Coatings and 2D Flow Rheology
Flow Chemistry and Synthesis
Drilling and Stimulation Fluids in the Oilfield
Microfluidics and Devices: from Chemistry to Biomedical Manufacturing
Flow Assurance and Artificial Lift Methods
Enhanced Oil Recovery

Day 2 - Methods and Measurements

Highly Viscous Media Processing

Principles of Flow Behavior
Principles of Smart Mixing and Formulation
Granular Material Flow and Storage
Mixing and Formulation
Core Flooding and Permeability Testing
Phase Behavior: PVT, Gas, Fluid and Pressure Testing and Monitoring
Flow Measurements and Monitoring
Advanced Sensors
Flow Simulation and Imaging
Advanced Analytical Methods
Advanced Spectroscopy and Microscopy